We believe that renewal and healing can be wholistically integrated and restored into the heart of everyday life - starting with your tongue functions.
In this digital driven age, now-common lifestyle habits have given rise to health and wellness concerns that are often affecting many parts of the body and it is difficult for healthcare professionals to pin down the root cause of the problems.

We believe that renewal and healing can be wholistically integrated and restored into the heart of everyday life – starting with your tongue functions. Yes, your tongue has the power to transform your way of living. That’s because it is so deeply connected with the way you breathe and live.

Led by international speaker and trainer of myofunctional and multi-disciplinary dentists, Dr. Yue Weng Cheu and Managing Director, Louisa Yue, The Linguadontics Clinic is a first-of-its-kind practice.

Seeking clarity from nature, we understand the functions of the tongue are crucial to suckling, swallowing and breathing right from birth. The reflexes require a tongue-up position to perform these functions well. Low tongue position due to habitual conditioning or physical restrictions like tongue tie will lead to a cascade of health issues. We leverage on latest research, minimally invasive treatment and advanced technologies to enhance wellness through the power of the tongue.


Founder • Clinical Director • Dental Gym Instructor Cranio-Facial Pain Manager Healthcare (R)Evolution Activist • Tongue Trainer • Laser Healer • Invisalign Expander • Dental Sleep Advisor • TEDx and International Speaker

Dr Yue Weng Cheu is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Linguadontics Clinic and DP Dental. He has been using laser for numerous types of dental treatments for the past 10 years and he routinely performs Lip and Tongue Tie Releases for adults and children above the age of 5 using an erbium laser.

Dr Yue has attained his Mastership with the World Clinical Laser Institute and he lectures internationally to other dentists on the applications of lasers in dentistry on many laser systems.

Dr Yue puts great emphasis on the tongue when providing treatment for patients from infants to the aged. As an alumni of the Australian Tongue Tie Institute, Dr Yue understands the importance of working with experts and specialists in this field to bring about the best outcome for his patients. The collaborative effort allows him and his team to be one of the first dental practices that uses laser for Infant Lip and Tongue Tie Releases in Singapore and the surrounding region.


Founder • Managing Director • Parallel Entrepreneur • Congruent Leader • Progressive Practitioner • Change Advocate • Author • Speaker • Coach • Consultant

Parallel Entrepreneur, Healthcare and Education (R)Evolutionist, Congruent Leader, Progressive Practitioner, Change Advocate, Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Her book “Progressive Practice: Disrupt yourself before others do” will be launched in 2018, the amalgamation of her expertise in healthcare management with her passion in education.


Dr Loh Ee Tyug
Senior Associate Dental Surgeon

Ervi Rose Ong

Certified Orofacial Myology Trainer • Dental Operations Manager

Martha S. Dennis

Certified Orofacial Myology Trainer

Heyzel Tay
Senior Surgery Assistant • DSA Team Development Leader • Myofunctional Educator

Michael Na

Patient Relations Operations Manager


Myofunctional Therapy

Laser Lip & Tongue Tie Release

Airway-focused Invisalign® for Adults & Teens

TMD Pain & Sleep Management



We’re here to help you — no matter what stage of life you’re at. We treat communities of babies, children, adults and seniors who face various airway, dental, postural, pain, sleep and other myofunctional conditions.


Suck-Swallow-Breathe Reflexes • Breastfeeding Neurology • Vagal Response • Orofacial Development • Myofunctional Training • Neuroplasticity


Deciduous and Mixed Dentition • Primate Spaces • Arch Expansion • Orofacial Myology • Functional Airway • Sleep and Nose Breathing • Postural Support


Mixed and Permanent Dentition • Arch Expansion • Orofacial Myology • Functional Airway • Sleep and Nose Breathing • Postural Support


Functional Occlusion • Gneuromuscular Dentistry • TMD Management • Orofacial Myology • Functional Airway •  Dental Sleep Medicine • Postural Support


Functional Airway • Functional Occlusion • Dental Sleep Medicine • Swallowing • Postural Support
We work closely with other medical and allied healthcare practitioners to bring about patient-centric and integrated care solutions that address the root cause of the problems.


IBCLC, Lactation Consultants, Breastfeeding Counselors, Midwives, Doulas, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Pediatric doctors, Speech Langauge Pathologists, Nutritionists, ENTS, Neurologists, etc.

For those of you who are intrigue by the tongue-airway-sleep-TMD connections, welcome to this School of Linguadontics. Linguadontics is a term coined by Dr Yue Weng Cheu, a General Dentist, who has extensive years of treating patients with TMD issues. He uses natural habit changing methods, GNM orthotic with myofunctional therapy, and Invisalign to help his patients. However, he never stopped asking the WHY question. He realised the problem does not start only in adulthood, it has an earlier origin, to the time before we were born. The neurology of breastfeeding gives us the natural reflexes to feed, but also demonstrates the connectivity of our nerves controlling the face, jaw, neck, throat and tongue for breathing, communication and emotion.
The realisation of the various nerve connections helps to explain the directive and supportive functions of the tongue in cranio-facial growth and development and muscles functions. It plays central role in the suck-swallow-breathe reflexes in a tongue-up position. It supports an open airway when it is against the palate. Its helps in proper swallow without abnormal forward thrust. A physical restriction of the tongue or bad habits through conditioning creates low tongue position and that compromises the cardiopulmonary system, especially during sleep and causes compensation, resulting in many of the signs and symptoms. The School of Linguadontics is about starting a movement of bringing greater awareness to this important organ to the medical, dental and allied health community and also the general public
Do join us in this (R)Evolution!


The oral cavity rises to prominence from the very first day of our life. It actually features prominently even as a foetus. We depend on many reflexes to guide us through early growth and development, before our cognitive ability matures. The rooting reflex, suck-swallow-breathe reflexes ensure that we get fed and survive, if not, thrive. The basis of these reflexes are grounded in our nervous systems, with cranial nerves playing instrumental roles in driving these movement ‘simple’ action of the baby turning and latching on to the breast to feed is actually a massive undertaking of multi-department coordination to effect a synchronous action in a split second.
The facial nerve CN VII, trigeminal nerve CN V, glossopharygeal CN IX and vagus nerve CN X, all work together to feed the trigeminal nucleus all the sensory information from the face, including touch-position and pain-temperature. When the infant feels the nipple, it causes the accessory nerve CN XI to turn the head and neck towards the breast. Trigeminal nerve CN V, a massive circuit, gets the jaw working to draw in the milk. That needs the CN VII facial to seal the sides and Hypoglossal CN XII and Glossopharyngeal CN IX, activate and proprioceptively move the tongue to work in rhythmic contractions to press the nipple against the palate to extract the milk from the mother.
Dr Yue Speaks at TEDxSingapore, 11 November 2017


Highlights from the School of Linguadontics

Video highlights from the “Application of Myofunctional Therapy in Dentistry” course conducted in Singapore from 10th – 11th June 2017 by Dr. Yue Weng Cheu, Founder of the School of Linguadontics

2-day course on “Application of Myofunctional Therapy in Dentistry” which was held in Singapore from 10th – 11th June 2017. Participants from Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore and United Kingdom learnt about the important role that our tongue plays in our body system and how Dental practitioners can train the oral and tongue muscles to help with their patients’ treatments.
1-day course on “Application of Myofunctional Therapy in Dentistry” which was held in Taiwan on 19th June 2017.
2-day course on “Application of Myofunctional Therapy in Dentistry” which was held in Hong Kong from 21st – 22nd October 2017 also had Dr. Yue mentoring the participants during the hands-on try outs of the Laser Tongue Tie Release skills on a practice model. Dr. Yue also demonstrated how the TENS and bite taking were carried out while highlighting the wonders of how our bite affects our physical potential.



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